Agents for lovely toys & gifts

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"
Oscar Wilde

Agents for lovely toys & gifts

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"
Oscar Wilde


So, what do we do?

We love GREAT products. Ones that we can get passionate about. And we love marketing and selling them for you. And we’re quite keen on branding and colour.  And we love showing your products to gorgeous, independent shops. We ONLY deal with independents. Contact us now for a free consultation to see how we can help you out. (and if we don’t think we can, we’ll tell you. We’re honest like that.)


In case you're wondering Searson and Fox are Sarah's grandmother and great grandmother's maiden names.

Both strong, hard-working, spirited women who continue to be an inspiration on a daily basis.

About Sarah

Sarah is the founder of Searson Fox and has over 20 years experience of working in various industries within the UK, starting her career as a freelance translator and moving on to exporting and marketing flexible ducting around the world. It was there her passion for working with people and selling arose. Given it is no mean feat to get passionate about a piece of ducting, she moved on to work with products she genuinely loved. Now working with some fabulous and innovative products in the nursery and toy sector from the likes of Hippychick Ltd,  Lanka Kade, Best Years, Headu, Playpress and Mary Meyer, Sarah is always open to a great idea and an even better product behind it.


Hippychick are committed to delivering and developing innovative and original products that are truly beneficial for parents and children alike.

Best Years make gorgeous knitted fairtrade toys including Pebble and Under the Nile clothing

Lanka Kade produce gorgeous fairtrade wooden toys and gifts from Sri Lanka

Mary Meyer design and make gorgeous plush toys for babies and little ones. They also partner with the likes of Baby Einstein and Taggies. 

  HEADU create fantastic Montessori inspired toys and games all made in Italy. 

Playpress are a lovely eco friendly toy brand who create a world of buildable connectable play sets that are made sustainably without plastic. 

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